Multi-Robot Capability Tracking & Planning
Ongoing Research

Developing architectural components to track available robots and their capabilities, and designing a user interface to visualize robot tracking, enable users to specify multi-robot allocations on terrain map, and visualize generated robot navigation plans.

Multi-Robot Identity & Speech Control
Ongoing Research

Developing a user interface to enable the control of multiple robots’ speech and identity presentation in human-robot interaction. 

Further Integrating Ethics into Computer Science Courses
Ongoing Fellowship Project

Developing a resource that (1) highlights the importance of including ethics-related discussion and activities within CS courses, and (2) would offer a variety of example activities for CS educators to further integrate ethics into CS, including a spotlight on the work being done by Mines CS faculty.

Robot Group Identity Performance, Entitativity, & Trust Distribution

Investigated how the identity presentation of a group of robots might influence the distribution of trust amongst group members and the perceived entitativity of the group.

Impact of Robot Group Presentation Strategies on Mental Model Formation

Explored how the identity presentation of a group of robots during an introduction might affect how human interactants mentally model the robots.

Counterfactuals in a Multiagent Domain

Explored the use of counterfactuals in reinforcement learning to enhance the performance of intelligent agents within a simulated multiagent rover domain.


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